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Upper Extremity

Shoulder, Elbow, Arm, and Hand Surgery In Vero Beach, Florida

At our practice, we offer comprehensive outpatient surgical solutions for upper extremity injuries, ensuring a swift and effective recovery. We provide the convenience of same-day appointments to promptly address your needs and minimize delays in your recovery.

Our services encompass the entire care journey, from diagnostic assessments to rehabilitation, under one roof, ensuring seamless and continuous support. Whether you're suffering from pain in your hands, arm, or shoulder we are here to help you get back to enjoying life.

Arthroscopy Offers Minimally Invasive Solutions

We offer minimally invasive arthroscopy to examine and treat the elbow, shoulder, or other joints with precision through small incisions, reducing the invasiveness of traditional open surgery. Arthroscopy not only helps diagnose the cause of pain but also provides an effective means of addressing it, leading to faster recovery and less post-operative discomfort.

We use the Intelijoint Surgical Navigation System, to ensure the highest level of precision in our procedures, resulting in improved outcomes and quicker recoveries. With our experience and commitment to staying current with medical advancements, you can trust us for exceptional arthroscopy and personalized care.

Rotator Cuff Tear Surgery

Participating in activities like baseball pitching that place strain on the shoulder can increase the risk of rotator cuff tears. Our practice specializes in addressing these tears with customized treatment plans. Omar D. Hussamy, MD, is an expert in managing rotator cuff tears, offering personalized solutions for damaged tendons and chronic shoulder pain. Cutting-edge surgical techniques are employed to ensure precise repair and promote efficient healing.

Rotator Cuff FAQs

Shoulder Replacement & Surgery

If you are experiencing pain in your shoulder or a limited range of motion you can be suffering from an underlying issue. Our practice specializes in comprehensive shoulder care, addressing conditions like arthritis, tears, and fractures. We offer tailored solutions, including partial and total replacement surgery. With years of experience and a commitment to staying updated with orthopedic advancements, our team is well-equipped to treat your injury, ensuring a smooth path to recovery and helping you regain pain-free shoulder function.

Elbow Surgery

Elbow pain can result from various causes, including chronic conditions like osteoarthritis and acute injuries such as falls. Overuse, particularly in activities like tennis or golf, can also lead to painful conditions like tendinitis, tennis elbow, or golfer's elbow due to inflammation in the elbow and forearm. Accurately diagnosing the source of elbow pain is essential for effective treatment. Our practice is committed to tailoring personalized treatment plans to alleviate elbow pain, whether it results from chronic conditions, injuries, or overuse, ensuring patients regain optimal elbow function.

Minimally invasive elbow arthroscopy is a surgical option that allows orthopedic specialists to examine and treat the elbow joint with precision through small incisions, reducing the invasiveness of traditional open surgery. Elbow arthroscopy not only helps diagnose the cause of pain but also provides an effective means of addressing it, leading to faster recovery and less post-operative discomfort.

Elbow FAQs

Arm Surgery

Our practice specializes in diagnosing and treating a variety of arm conditions, including carpal tunnel syndrome and arm fractures, to ensure appropriate care for each patient. While some fractures may require casting or splinting for less complex cases, more complicated fractures may demand surgical intervention for realignment and stabilization. We prioritize the use of innovative technology throughout your treatment journey, from diagnostics to surgical techniques, to optimize your healing process.

Hand & Wrist Surgery

Everybody experiences hand or wrist pain at some point, but if it’s a common occurrence, you may have an underlying condition. If you're experiencing excessive hand pain you may be suffering from carpal tunnel, arthritis, or other hand injuries. Omar D. Hussamy, MD, can perform a comprehensive evaluation of your hand and wrist, which may include an in-house X-ray or MRI. Based on the results, he designs a personalized treatment plan for you.

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"Dr. Hussamy is very pleasant and personable. He thoroughly explained my condition and his recommended course of action. He provided an opportunity to ask any questions. He performed the procedure on the spot and ensured my comfort and concerns were properly addressed. He thoroughly explained post-procedure activity and made sure I knew to contact his practice with any additional concerns or follow-up, if needed. I am extremely satisfied with Dr. Hussamy’s care and will happily seek it again should the need arise."

Curtiss S.


"Dr. Hussamy appears to be a very caring doctor who takes time to explain your issues and listen to your concerns. You never get the impression that he is rushing to get to the next patient. His office staff is very cordial and easy to work with. Would definitely recommend him to my family and friends!"

Tom C.


"Everything about my visit with Dr. Hussamy was perfect! Office staff, x-rays, and consultation were efficient, friendly, and professional. Surgical options and procedures were thoroughly explained. Update: the actual surgery went as described and was 100% successful!"

James N.


"They were able to give me a last-minute appointment. The office staff were very pleasant and courteous. Dr. Hussamy was pleasant, non-rushed, explained things to me, and set up for further testing right away."

LuAnne P.

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