Primary Knee Replacement Specialist

Omar D. Hussamy, MD

Sports Medicine, Hand Surgery and Orthopedic Surgery located in Vero Beach, FL

Primary Knee Replacement

Dr. Hussamy uses the Maxx Orthopedics Freedom® Total Knee System for restoring the anatomy and mechanics of the knee. The Freedom Knee System femoral component was engineered for both bone conservation and high-flexion. This uses a multi-radius design in which seven tangential radii are incorporated to accommodate changes in rollback through the transition from walking through deep flexion.



In those patients with arthritis limited to one side of the knee, Dr. Hussamy uses the Maxx Orthopedics Freedom® Partial Knee Replacement System. The PKR resurfacing system and surgical technique allows for preservation of the patient’s natural knee function, while avoiding the sacrifice of their ligaments and large amounts of bone that is common with total knee replacement.