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If you experience persistent pain in your knee because of a meniscus tear, you may be a candidate for surgery. As an orthopedic surgeon, Omar D. Hussamy, MD, , is highly skilled in customizing meniscus surgery to your needs. At his office in Vero Beach, Florida, Dr. Hussamy uses the latest minimally invasive techniques to repair a damaged meniscus and preserve the function of your knee. To find out if meniscus surgery is right for you, schedule an appointment online or by calling the office today.

Meniscus Surgery Q & A

Why would I need meniscus surgery?

Meniscus surgery focuses on repairing tears in the meniscus, the piece of cartilage that sits between the bones in your lower leg. This cartilage provides stability in your leg and absorbs the shocks of your movements to protect your knee joint.

You can develop a meniscus tear from activities, including sports, that require sudden twisting movements or from stepping on an uneven surface.

Underlying medical conditions like osteoarthritis and other degenerative conditions can also lead to a meniscus tear, especially as you get older and your cartilage weakens.

If conservative treatments like ice therapy and rest aren’t enough to relieve chronic pain and inflammation from a meniscus tear, Dr. Hussamy and the team can determine if you’re a candidate for arthroscopic surgery.

What can I expect from meniscus surgery?

Arthroscopic meniscus surgery is minimally invasive and only requires small incisions to access the cartilage. Dr. Hussamy inserts a slender arthroscope into the incision. This scope has an attached light and a camera that sends real-time images of your inner knee structures to an external monitor.

Dr. Hussamy watches the monitor throughout the procedure and can repair or remove damaged pieces of your meniscus with specialized surgical tools.

Meniscus surgery is an outpatient procedure and you can go home to recover soon after surgery. As part of your rehabilitation from surgery, Dr. Hussamy may recommend a physical therapy program to strengthen your muscles and restore full function in your knee.

What are the benefits of meniscus surgery?

By repairing or removing tears in your meniscus, you can ease persistent pain and preserve the remaining healthy tissue that supports your knee joint. This increases the likelihood you’ll be able to return to your usual activities and sports after your recovery.

Because the surgery is minimally invasive, you can expect to heal faster and experience less pain than you might with open surgery. Smaller incisions also minimize your risk for scarring and postsurgical complications.

If you need surgical treatment for a meniscus tear, schedule a consultation with Omar D. Hussamy, MD, by phone or online today.