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Knee Surgery & Replacement

Advanced Knee Services In Vero Beach, Florida

Suffering from knee discomfort?

Explore our comprehensive selection of outpatient knee surgeries, complete with same-day appointment options, to address all your needs, from diagnostic assessments to rehabilitation. We tailor your path to wellness to align with your lifestyle, prioritizing a swift recovery so you can regain your comfort and resume your normal life seamlessly.

Knee Arthroscopy

Our practice specializes in knee arthroscopy, a minimally invasive surgical technique used for visualizing, diagnosing, and treating various knee conditions. This approach, which utilizes a miniature TV camera, provides precise access to the knee joint without the need for large incisions, enhancing patient comfort. Knee arthroscopy is particularly effective in diagnosing and treating issues like meniscal tears, damaged cartilage, and ligament tears.

We employ advanced technology, including the Intelijoint Surgical Navigation System, to ensure the highest level of precision in our procedures, resulting in improved outcomes and quicker recoveries. With our experience and commitment to staying current with medical advancements, you can trust us for exceptional knee arthroscopy and personalized care.

ACL Reconstruction

Omar D. Hussamy, MD, is a highly experienced orthopedic surgeon specializing in ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) surgery. He employs advanced minimally invasive techniques to customize surgical plans for each patient, focusing on reconstructing the damaged ligament and restoring joint function.

This personalized approach ensures optimal outcomes and a quicker recovery. Omar D. Hussamy's expertise aims not only to repair the ACL but also to promote long-term joint health and reduce the risk of future injuries. His practice emphasizes minimally invasive methods, offering patients benefits such as reduced scarring, less pain, shorter hospital stays, and faster returns to active lifestyles. With a commitment to comprehensive care and years of experience, Omar D. Hussamy is the trusted choice for individuals seeking effective ACL surgery.


Meniscus Repair

If you experience persistent pain in your knee because of a meniscus tear, you may be a candidate for surgery. Omar D. Hussamy utilizes cutting-edge minimally invasive techniques, minimizing scarring, reducing discomfort, and accelerating the recovery process.

Beyond repairing the torn meniscus, his focus is on preserving and optimizing knee function for long-term joint health and pain-free mobility. Comprehensive care, from initial consultation to post-operative support, ensures patients' comfort and well-being throughout their recovery journey.

Meniscus FAQs

Primary Total Knee Replacement

Omar D. Hussamy uses the United® Total Knee System which is designed to help you return to an active lifestyle by restoring the anatomy and mechanics of the knee. The United® Knee System femoral component was engineered for both bone conservation and high flexion. This uses a multi-radius design in which seven tangential radii are incorporated to accommodate changes in rollback through the transition from walking through deep flexion.

Knee flexion is one of the most important factors in performing daily activities such as kneeling, climbing up and down stairs, and squatting. The United Knee implant has a unique and proprietary high-flex design that allows for the natural motion needed to perform your daily activities comfortably without any limitations.

Parts for knee surgery
parts for partial knee surgery

Partial Knee Replacement

Partial Knee surgery is meant for patients who are experiencing arthritis limited to one side of the knee. Unlike a total knee replacement, a partial knee replacement surgery is designed to restore only the affected side of the knee. The United® Partial Knee is a minimally invasive implant that is designed to remove the least amount of bone.

The procedure is performed by removing the damaged bone on the surface of the knee to preserve more natural bone and avoid cutting ligaments. This procedure aids in restoring comfort and function and can be performed in an outpatient surgery setting.

Knee Replacement FAQs

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"Dr. Hussamy is very pleasant and personable. He thoroughly explained my condition and his recommended course of action. He provided an opportunity to ask any questions. He performed the procedure on the spot and ensured my comfort and concerns were properly addressed. He thoroughly explained post-procedure activity and made sure I knew to contact his practice with any additional concerns or follow-up, if needed. I am extremely satisfied with Dr. Hussamy’s care and will happily seek it again should the need arise."

Curtiss S.


"Dr. Hussamy appears to be a very caring doctor who takes time to explain your issues and listen to your concerns. You never get the impression that he is rushing to get to the next patient. His office staff is very cordial and easy to work with. Would definitely recommend him to my family and friends!"

Tom C.


"Everything about my visit with Dr. Hussamy was perfect! Office staff, x-rays, and consultation were efficient, friendly, and professional. Surgical options and procedures were thoroughly explained. Update: the actual surgery went as described and was 100% successful!"

James N.


"They were able to give me a last-minute appointment. The office staff were very pleasant and courteous. Dr. Hussamy was pleasant, non-rushed, explained things to me, and set up for further testing right away."

LuAnne P.

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