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Omar D. Hussamy, MD

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As an experienced orthopedic surgeon, Omar D. Hussamy, MD, performs ACL surgery using the latest minimally invasive surgical techniques. At his office in Vero Beach, Florida, Dr. Hussamy customizes a surgical plan to reconstruct the damaged ligament in your knee and restore your joint function. To find out if ACL surgery is right for you, call or book a consultation online today.

ACL Surgery Q & A

Why would I need ACL surgery?

The ligament that connects your thigh bone, shinbone, and kneecap is known as the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). This tough band of tissue stabilizes your knee and is susceptible to injury if you play sports or suffer trauma from a fall.

Tears can develop in your ACL that cause chronic pain, swelling, and instability in your knee. You may need ACL surgery if conservative treatments like ice therapy, physical therapy, and pain medication aren’t enough to relieve your symptoms.

As an experienced orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Hussamy can determine if you’re a candidate for ACL surgery after an evaluation of your ACL injury. He also reviews your medical history to ensure you’re healthy enough for surgery.

What can I expect during ACL surgery?

The goal of ACL surgery is to rebuild the structure of your ACL with a connective tissue graft. Dr. Hussamy can use ligaments and tendons from other areas of your body — usually your kneecap — to reconstruct the ACL. Over time, the surrounding tissue heals over the graft.

Dr. Hussamy and the team also offer Smith+Nephew® ACL repair implants if you’re not a candidate for a graft using your own tissues.

In many cases, Dr. Hussamy uses arthroscopic techniques that require only small incisions around your knee. Through these incisions, he inserts a scope with an attached light and camera that sends images of your knee to an external monitor.

Dr. Hussamy watches this monitor during the procedure to make repairs with the highest level of precision. He passes specialized surgical instruments through the scope to place the graft.

Often, ACL surgery is an outpatient procedure and you can go home to recover soon after surgery is complete. In some cases, Dr. Hussamy may need to make longer incisions to place a graft and you might need to spend time recovering in the hospital.

How long does it take to recover from ACL surgery?

While everyone heals differently, it can take six months or longer to make a full recovery. Dr. Hussamy may recommend that you wear a brace to support your knee while you heal. You can restore function in your knee through physical therapy.

During follow-up visits, Dr. Hussamy continues to monitor your healing process. He’ll recommend when it’s safe for you to return to your usual activities, including your job and sports.

To find out if you’re a candidate for ACL surgery, schedule a consultation with Omar D. Hussamy, MD, online or by phone today.