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When you’re limited in your activities because of a painful bunion, Omar D. Hussamy, MD, can help. At his orthopedic surgery office in Vero Beach, Florida, Dr. Hussamy focuses on realigning your toe joint to correct the painful deformity. He also works with you on necessary lifestyle changes, such as wearing wider shoes, to prevent the return of a bunion. If conservative care isn’t enough to treat your bunion pain, call or request a consultation online today.

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"Dr. Hussamy is very pleasant and personable. He thoroughly explained my condition and his recommended course of action. He provided an opportunity to ask any questions. He performed the procedure on the spot and ensured my comfort and concerns were properly addressed. He thoroughly explained post-procedure activity and made sure I knew to contact his practice with any additional concerns or follow-up, if needed. I am extremely satisfied with Dr. Hussamy’s care and will happily seek it again should the need arise."

Curtiss S.


"Dr. Hussamy appears to be a very caring doctor who takes time to explain your issues and listen to your concerns. You never get the impression that he is rushing to get to the next patient. His office staff is very cordial and easy to work with. Would definitely recommend him to my family and friends!"

Tom C.


"Everything about my visit with Dr. Hussamy was perfect! Office staff, x-rays, and consultation were efficient, friendly, and professional. Surgical options and procedures were thoroughly explained. Update: the actual surgery went as described and was 100% successful!"

James N.


"They were able to give me a last-minute appointment. The office staff were very pleasant and courteous. Dr. Hussamy was pleasant, non-rushed, explained things to me, and set up for further testing right away."

LuAnne P.

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