Minimally Invasive Partial Total Knee



In those patients with arthritis limited to one side of the knee, Dr. Hussamy uses the Maxx Orthopedics Freedom® Partial Knee Replacement System. The PKR resurfacing system and surgical technique allows for preservation of the patient’s natural knee function, while avoiding the sacrifice of their ligaments and large amounts of bone that is common with total knee replacement.

The Freedom Partial Knee

Partial Knee surgery is meant for patients who are experiencing arthritis limited to one side of the knee. Unlike a total knee replacement, a partial knee replacement surgery is designed to restore only the affected side of the knee. The Freedom Partial Knee is a minimally invasive implant that is designed to remove the least amount of bone. The procedure is performed by removing the damaged bone on the surface of the knee to preserve more natural bone and avoids cutting ligaments. This procedure aids in restoring comfort and function and can be performed in an outpatient surgery setting.


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